Logo Design

Logo Design

brzm 2 Original logo design concepts.
brzm 2 Rounds of Revisions.
brzm 1 to 3 working days for delivery.
ch 4 Original logo design concepts.
chOriginal business card design concept.
chUnlimited Revisions.
ch1 to 3 working days for delivery.
gldm 5 Original logo design concepts.
gldm Original business card design concept.
gldm Original letterhead design concept.
gldm Original email signature concept.
gldm Unlimited logo Revisions.
gldm 2 to 5 working days for delivery.

It is what your customers recognize you with, It is what gets printed everywhere your business gets mentioned, It communicates the message your business beholds, it is your business’s identity.

The importance of your logo is undeniable. So it is important to have it in a way that gets you recognized everywhere at the first glance.

Considering the importance of your logo it has to be unique in a way that it defines what you stand for. With features like an eye catching design, quick recall value, clarity and business effectivity, your logo is to be given special attention to. It should be meaningful enough to convey the right message.

How to achieve that?

With our team of creative designers we don’t give you ‘just another logo design’ instead we give you a logo that has your business objective speaking to your customers. Our logo design process takes us through a number of stages before coming up with an end result.

We keep the following factors in mind in our design process:

bullet.gifYour business goals and objectives
bullet.gifYour target market
bullet.gifYour message that you want to convey
bullet.gifYour brand positioning
bullet.gifYour idea of what your target market perceives

What Your Logo Should Have?

We understand that you are facing tough competition and in this aspect your brand image is what takes you through. However not many understand the importance of embedding all the elements of a potential logo design.

At Huge Edge every element of a logo from colors, shape, symbolism, visual appearance, texture, clarity, simplicity to appeal is given importance. Its not only about how attractive or good looking your logo is. Its about giving the right message out to your customers. It should stand for the credibility of your business and strengthen its image.

Leverage from Our Expertise

Whether you are a small business or a corporation, looking for a new identity or recreating your identity, with our expertise in design and branding we can set you apart and get you ahead of your competition. Our competent team of professional designers will assist you and provide you with unique logo designs that are true representations of your business.

Company Logo design is definitely not simple. It is challenging for every organization to have a logo that is captivating and build the brand image easily. You don’t want a poorly designed logo to impact negatively on your business. That is why we work with you in understanding your business so that your logo projects your business identity.

We make sure that the designs we provide you are unique and eye catching plus they look good wherever they get printed. This is an important part of your branding strategy and we apply our best potential to it.

So let us create your business identity for you in a distinguishable way. Contact us for getting access to our service of professional logo design.