Business Card Design

Need a business card that speaks for your business?

You are heading the right way with Huge Edge. With our design and printing expertise we help you make an impression on your customers with an edge. Brand yourself offline to give a boost to your networking and bringing in more business.

Getting business collaterals in line with the brand image and the business objectives is crucial for promoting and marketing your products and services effectively. Business card is one item that deals with your corporate or professional image.

It is something that you leave with your clients to contact you later. But you are never sure they would because your business card is just like a normal business card that every other company has.

Well not anymore.At Huge Edge we adapt design strategies that make our customers different from the rest. Business cards are professional tools that need to be handled professionally and creatively.

The efforts you put in your business card show your clients how much attention you give to minute details thus creating a credible and positive impact on them. This is what we focus on.Your business card is competing just like your business with others to get your customers to contact you.

Your customers are regularly receiving business cards that are just kept in a card holder or an office drawer. With our expertise in business card designs we provide you with a business card that makes your customers keep your card aside which reminds them to contact you again and again.What Your Business Card Should Have?

Our professionals apply attention grabbing strategies in designing business cards.

In designing your business card we make sure that:

bullet.gifIt tells what your business is all about
bullet.gifIt portrays a powerful reason for your customer to contact you
bullet.gifIt is not cluttered and gives clear information
bullet.gifIt has exceptional design and color quality
bullet.gifIt should not only look great but feel great as well

How We Do It?

We keep in mind that your business image gets effectively promoted through your business collateral. That is why we individual attention to each of our clients when it comes to business card design.

We don’t give you predefined templates for selecting a business card design. We put our best design talent in each card design to make it uniquely stand out from others.

At Huge Edge you get to leverage from the expertise of creative professionals who understand your priorities in getting your collaterals designed the way you want. Customer satisfaction and choice is our prime consideration. We make sure that you create a lasting impression on your clients through our expert design service.

You will never regret it. So contact us now to make a creative and memorable impression on your clients through our business card design service. We strive to put you ahead of your competition.

Business Card Design Prices

business card bronze
brzm 1 to 5 people single sided design.
brzm For additional personalized designs R35.00
brzm 1 to 3 working days for delivery.
business card silver
 1 to 5 people double sided design.
ch For additional personalized designs R39.00
ch 1 to 3 working days for delivery.
business card gold
gldm 1 to 5 people double sided design.
gldm For additional personalized designs R35.00
gldm Letterhead design concept.
gldm 2 to 5 working days for delivery.