Company Name Reservation

Cost for Name Reservation is R165.00. A name can only be reserved for a period of 6 months.

We do free preliminary check of the availability of a name before reserving it for you. Checking the availability of a name does not reserve the name, has no binding effect on the CIPC and does not confer any rights to a name.

You may list up to 4 alternative names, which will be considered for reservation in the listed order. Only one name will be reserved.

Please note that Name Reservation can take 7 working days (Depending on the workload of the DTi, CIPC ).


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1. include any word in a language that is not an official language of South Africa?
2. fall in a category names restricted in terms of the companies act?
3. refer to a similar name of another company, close corporation, etc?
4. include any word, number, element that constitutes a trade mark or other mark registered or filed application?:
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